About Our Mission
To create and deliver a qualitative and concrete environment towards the artist, client, production procedures, venue, safety, audience, stakeholders, and sponsors, that will allow us to achieve the evolution of the local entertainment and event services, setting new standards, opportunities and boundaries.

Our Competitive Advantage

- Conduct market research and competition analysis. Understanding both quantitative and qualitative data, and implementing the results in our show/event cases.

- Our strong perception of safety and its “without excuse” utilization towards the production and the audience.

- Our International relations and Partnerships.

- Customer relation management and Communication: We promote concerts based on our respect towards the customer needs. The consistency of the information through the company’s and media channels, the continuous news update, and the feedback from our customers, are all a priority for us in achieving a stronger relationship with the clients and furthermore helps the safer conduct of the event.

- Our proven 360-degree experience in the Event Business

Who We Actually Are
We value our people both as individuals and moreover as a team.
We are our memories and wish lists
We trust in our experience, in the future to come, our mission, and our vision.
We embrace both bad times and good times.
We Learn. We experiment.
We believe in Alliances, Partnerships, Synergies, and Friends, as long as endeavor to create enduring value is always present.
We are driven by Honesty and Integrity.
We Focus. We Listen. We visualize.
We bring it to life.
We respect. We Care
We have a long “To Do” list but an even longer “Not To Do” list
+357-25-273-273 nncbackoffice@gmail.com

Limassol Centre office 12-13,
7 Griva Digeni,
3106 Limassol - Cyprus